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Entry Photogallery

The expanded texts toward the photos on the introductory web site (the shots stand chronologic):

(1) Zlatý Félix (ENG version Golden Felix) 2004 (May): The footballtennis preliminary round in Košice on the international olympiad of children and youth Kalokagatia 2004. The match of schoolchildren U15 between NK DPMK Košice (SVK) and Sokol I Prostějov (CZE). The referee was then junior world champion and next multiple world and European champion of men Ján Brutovský (SVK).

(2) Kalokagatia 2004 (June): The international olympiad of children and youth in Trnava (SVK) with the patronage of Slovak Olympic Committee (in SVK version Slovenský olympijský výbor) and with the first-run introduction of the footballtennis like a specimen sport. The final match of the tournament Nohejbal*Footballtennis Cup 2004 between winning team Sokol I Prostějov (CZE) and NK DPMK Košice (SVK).

(3) World Championship 2004 (October): Already second world championship of men in footballtennis in Moravian town Prostějov - interview of the editor of Czech Television with Vilém Ungermann (CZE). The legendary icon of this sport attends actively the likeable multi-generational tournaments Father and son moreover with his child during this time period (beyond the another undertakings).

(4) The film festival in Milano 2007 (November): Sport Movies & TV 2007 - 25th Milano International FICTS Festival. The final phase of World FICTS Challenge 2007 (Mombay, Warsaw, Liberec, Krasnogorsk/Moscow, Kampala, Tehran, Lipetsk, Tashkent, Hanoi) in Milano (ITA). Award Ceremony in the category Sport & Society - Sport for All with the FICTS president Prof. Franco B. Ascani on the top face (with the patronage of International Olympic Committee). Authors of the film Footballtennis (...)lympic (Katerina Charnushevich, Ivan Matia) getting the silver award (Mention d'Honneur) beside the owner of the winning trophy (Guirlande d'Honneur) in the crowd of multiple women's world champions in footballtennis (Daniela Peruňská, Martina Pillárová).

(5) Poslední žákovská smeč (ENG version The last smash of schoolchildren) 2010 (December): The lining up of participants before the beginning of ending tournament of the ECOY 2010 (3rd year) in the sporting hall in Prostějov (which was the two-fold scene of accomplishment of the world championships of men in footballtennis in the years of 2000 and 2004). Olympijský klub Košice (ENG version Olympic Club Košice - an autonomous administrative part of Slovak Olympic Committee) adhered the honest patronage for the start of gipsy-players from the Elementary school Kecerovce on the tournaments of European Cup of Youth (SVK version Európsky pohár žiakov a žiačok) 2010 in the team ŠK Nohejbal*Footballtennis Košice.

(6) ECOY 2010 (December): The rightdown joy over the triumph in the European Cup of Youth 2010 blowouts in the team of young footballtennis players from KAC Jednota Košice (SVK). It was after the primacies of Sokol I Prostějov (CZE) and NK 99 Trebišov (SVK) which won in the first two years of ECOY (2008, 2009). The players from Košice valued calibres of their Czech final competitors in the category of schoolchildren U15 (AVIA Čakovice - winner of the opening tournament Cassovia Nohejbal Cup 2010 in Košice) by the common photo with the currently acquired challenge trophy ECOY (European Cup of Youth in Footballtennis/FutNet) after the copingstone of the late undertaking of season Poslední žákovská smeč (ENG version The last smash of schoolchildren) 2010 in Prostějov.



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